Dutch Barges.




Due to the past experience of Ian Anderson, with ships and large steel vessels, he spends an ever greater proportion of his time working with Dutch barges, and similar vessels such as narrowboats, and barge replicas.  Note that the term Dutch barge is generic and not limited to Barges built in Holland, but includes Belgian and French versions and so on.

Using our specialist ultrasonic testing meter, readings can be taken of the hull thickness to ensure that the hull complies with the standards required by insurance companies, and where they do not, then the machine can be used to readily identify specific areas that require attention.  The readings are plotted onto a large diagram which is sent on completion, to the owners so that they have a clear and easy to understand record of what was found at a the survey.  Traditional souding of the hull using a hammer will still be undertaken, as this is the most reliable method used by experienced surveyors, to determine the integrity of the connection between hull skin and framing - which is often not visible within the vessel due to the presence of ballast and or fixed flooring in the accommodation areas.

Usually the survey of a Dutch barge can be completed within two days, depending upon their size and access and levels of "complications" but to speed up the process for larger examples, (30m long and bigger) a second surveyor is often engaged by ANDMarine to assist, to minimise the time taken for the hull and structure inspections.

We are members of the Dutch Barge Association, (www.barges.org) and can give a small discount to other members when we work for them.