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Cargo Contact Details

ANDMarine Cargo Ltd.

60, Westmorland Road

Felixstowe, IP119TW. UK.


Tel      +44 (0) 1394 271435

Mob    +44 (0) 7852 765695



UK Company No. 07467288.

ANDMarine Cargo Ltd provides a commercial Marine Survey service to shippers, ship owners and insurers, and to cargo owners and insurers.

We undertake Cargo condition and quantity surveys, both pre-shipment and post shipment, and assess damages if found.

We undertake ship condition assessments for insurers, (P&I) and also undertake hull and machinery damage surveys.

We assist with preparation of lifting and loading plans and can then provide a monitoring and supervision service as such operations are undertaken.

We can investigate damages and personal injury occurrances and provide reports giving insurers and shipowners support.