Coating thickness control and measurement

Using a coating thickness meter, the thickness of paint and coatings can be accurately measured to ensure that they meet contract requirements, and achieve required performance

Coatings on metal structures including yacht and ship hulls need to be the correct thickness to cachieve the proper protection.

We use an electronic meter, that is capable of testing coatings after application, to confirm the DFT (Dry film thickness) that has been applied.

Coatings are expensive and it is important to ensure that you get what you are paying for, and that the thicknesses meet the manufacturer's specifications to protect the metal structure beneath.

Readings can be taken at each stage of the build up of paint and coating layers, to ensure sufficient primer is in place before applying the top coats, and at the end, to ensure that sufficient coating thickness overall has been applied. 

Readings can be taken economically, when the coating had cured, without needing the inspector to attend throughout the coating process.