Barges and UK VAT.

Ex working barges, now converted into accommodaion, may, under certain circumstances be able to gain certification that exempts them from VAT.

This can be very important, as not only moorings, but repairs and materials and fuels may be purchased free from VAT.

The main consideration is whether the vessel is large enough to qualify, and to find this out, measurements have to be taken onboard, and a fairly simple calculation carried out by a surveyor, and then if of the sufficient size, and if additional 1qualifications are met, then a certificate can be issued by the Surveyor that can be copied to suppliers of services and materials allowing them to supply without needing to apply VAT.

There is lots of information about this subject, available as a member of the Dutch Barge Association, and membership is recommended to barge owners (all types of barges). 



For even more information on this scheme, see the website in the VAT section, or more easily, contact us and we can talk you through the process, and make an offer to assist.