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Cargo Contact Details

ANDMarine Cargo Ltd.

60, Westmorland Road

Felixstowe, IP119TW. UK.


Tel      +44 (0) 1394 271435

Mob    +44 (0) 7852 765695



UK Company No. 07467288.

Loading Breakbulk Cargo,

Abnormal cargo is usually loaded as Breakbulk, i.e. it is loaded separately to the normal handling of containers. Cargo may be abnormal due to its size, weight and or value.

The lifting of the cargo is carefully considered and a lifting plan is drawn up, detailling the equipment to be used.

The securing of the cargo is considered in line with the IMO Guidelines for Cargo Securing at Sea, and suitable materials ordered.

The loading area within the ship is prepared, and the materials taken onboard.


crane frm tailer to barge




The lifting is sometimes accomplished using a mobile crane such as this one, specially erected on site for the job of loading a 150t cable reel into a waiting ship.


floating crane approaches





Sometimes a floating crane such as Matodor 2, is brought to the ship.  This one is big enough to reach across the ship to collect a load and then place it within the ship.









Sometimes, the normal Ship to Shore Gantry crane is used as here, with specialised lifting gear instead of the normal container spreader.