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Cargo Contact Details

ANDMarine Cargo Ltd.

60, Westmorland Road

Felixstowe, IP119TW. UK.


Tel      +44 (0) 1394 271435

Mob    +44 (0) 7852 765695



UK Company No. 07467288.

Planning for lifting and securing

Heavy and or sensitive cargo needs special care when being lifted and secured, and pre-planning is necessary.

There are minimum standards of securing cargo for transport at sea, set out in the IMO Publication CSS Code. (Cargo Stowage and Securing).

There are different rules to be followed for cargo being transported by road, (and rail) and these differ by country.

We have worked with clients to produce a procedure for the lifting stowing and securing cargo of theirs, and an example of this was then, working for Denholm, we  produced a procedure covering the handling of heavy castings from the point of origin in Sheffield, and covered the movement by road in the UK, and then the movement by ship to the USA, and thereafter, the movement by road in the USA.

After the procedure had been formatted by the client into their own style, it was approved by the receiving customer (Shell) and established for use.

We then were engaged to oversee the lifting, loading and securing operations to ensure that the procedure was followed, and to record and document the movements of this group of castings that were destined for use with a subsea operating Drilling platform.