IMCA International Marine Contractors Association

The IMCA is an organisation that has amongst its objectives improving the vessels in use at sea, both with respct to the condition of the vessels and the operation of the vessels.

They have created an internationally recognised inspection regeime based on the Common Marine inspection Document, (CMID) and have set up a system to accredit surveyors who are authorised to carry out inspections under this scheme. 

Ian Anderson has been so accredited and issued with an ID card showing that he is authorised to carry out such inspections and to upload the results to the CMID database.

See the IMCA website (  for more about IMCA, and also see the CMID website, for more info about the CMID scheme.

Please see the CMIN Inspector's website (   to find a suitably authorised surveyor in the area where your vessels are operating and so that you can opan a dialogue with a view to getting your vessels inspected and the information properly recorded.